About - Saleh AlRashaid

Hi Everyone 

I'm Saleh AlRashaid a freelance Photographer from Kuwait... i have been started to shoot with point and shot in 2005 i have being in love with photography and in 2007 i have started and bought my first DSLR and started to read magazine and lesson and trying to improve my photography with my self. i have open my Account on FLickr.com and trying to share pictures with photographer and i have almost 6 Million view on my photos :)

 In 2009 i have started to shoot Cityscape/Skyline and Desert's shots and Do many Workshops here in Kuwait and started selling photo for many clients in Kuwait,UAE,UK and United State. 

if u have any question here is my Email:


 here  is my Gears :

Sony A7R II

Sony 12-24mm f/4

Sony 24-70 f4

Sony 70-200 f4

Lee Filters (Soft/Hard)